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Roberta Flack with Donny Hathaway – Back Together Again (Cold Duck’s Back Together remix)

April 15, 2016



CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: Back Together Again

A re-edit and mix I did blending portions of the album version into Tee Scott’s 12″ mix. I love the break Scott created in his mix, particularly its focus on James Mtume’s bassline. However, I’ve also always rather enjoyed the epic vamp-out on the chorus we get with the LP version, so here I decided to work both of ’em.

I’ve wanted to do a mix of this classic disco/soul number for a long time–the two mixes just cry out to be brought ‘back together’–but I’d long been stuck on a fundamental problem. Tee Scott’s mix has a bizarre and distinctive EQ–the loud drum kick sounds almost like it’s been recorded by a mic placed under a carpet within a concrete parking lot. The album version is a ’70s wall of sound, with all the instruments mixed and compressed in and out of the foreground. I finally realized the obvious solution was to make each mix sound just a little bit more like the other–more space for one, more bass for the other.

Lee Cadena’s re-edit was an important bit of inspiration for me in doing my own rework. You can find it here on SoundCloud:
Lcm337 – Roberta-flack-back-together.

Original recording features Luther Vandross, James Mtume and Reggie Lucas as well as Hubert Eaves of “D” Train with Brenda White and Yvonne Lewis of Chic.

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