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Jefferson Airplane – Today (Cold Duck’s Back To Life extended remix)

April 15, 2016



This is the second version of my Jefferson Airplane-meets-Soul II Soul mashup.

I don’t like this version as much as the first, even though this one is longer.

You see, when I finished the initial mashup, I thought a relatively short (five minutes) song was a good idea. Mashups are basically jokes, and you don’t want to stretch out many jokes. So, once I felt satisfied with my first mashup, I deleted the mixing files (a little “moving on” ritual of mine).

About a month later I really wished I’d created an extended mix, just ’cause the Airplane II Soul groove was so cool sounding. I remade the mashup, but somehow the second mix doesn’t have the snap, or liveliness the first one did. To my ears at least.

However, since I am a freak for the extended mix, here’s my longer take on the “Today”/”Back To Life” mashup.

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